Min Pai's Yun Mu Kwan -
We are proud to be the ones carrying on Master Pai's legacy. We are the only school operating with the support and guidance of Master Pai's only active Master. 
Grand Master Min Pai originally taught a style he learned in Korea called Yun Mu Kwan and into which he later incorporated elements from other styles, including Wing Chun, Choy Li Fut, Hung Gar, Praying Mantis and T'ai Chi Ch'uan. By the time he was done, his style looked nothing like traditional Yun Mu Kwan (which was one of the early Korean karate styles that eventually metamorphosed into today’s taekwondo).

In his later years, Grand Master Pai adopted the name Nabi Su for his unique blend of methods, which was also the name of the form he created to epitomize the essence of his system. Although he was of Korean descent, his teachings incorporated Chinese style martial arts and Zazen (Zen meditation) -- a Japanese form of Buddhist practice.

Sensei Jason Perri has a broad background in martial arts, having studied and practiced various styles before being accepted as a student of Grand Master Pai.  Jason holds a holds a 5th degree black belt in the system, which he earned under Grand Master Pai and his successor master James Stewart. The system is currently under the guidance and tutelage of Master James Stewart, a 6th degree Black Belt disciple of Grand Master Pai and one of only two of his senior students selected by the late Grand Master to carry on his methods. Jason is authorized by Master Stewart to continue the teachings of Grand Master Pai. (Master Stewart is the only currently active master of the system). Tom Rivers was the only other student granted a Master's title by Grand Master Pai.
Min Pai's Yun Mu Kwan reflects the array of methods and styles which Master Pai practiced and combined over the years. Its focus is on sensitivity of motion rather than the muscle building and body hardening of more run-of-the-mill karate styles -- on the theory that sensitivity overcomes power and is accessible to people of all sizes and body types, thereby eliminating the physical advantages which size, weight and strength can provide an attacker. The self-defense methods involve learning to understand the movements of those around you through your own bodily awareness in order to receive, deflect, neutralize and, when necessary, return an opponent’s attack. If learned correctly the sensitivity enables a practitioner to make even the most innocuous of bodily movements into a useful means of controlling and defeating an assailant.

"We take the time to go through each of the forms to break them down so students can understand how they work in various situations. As we have continued to evolve over the years, we have developed counters and adaptations to other styles so that we can show students the most effective means to defend and attack in self-defense situations. Ours is a proven fighting system, based on realistic street situations."

Sensei Jason Perri, a practitioner of Martial Arts for 30 years and an International T'ai Chi Push Hands Champion, holds a 5th degree black belt in the Yun Mu Kwan style of karate which melds t'ai chi with classical karate to create a unique synthesis system. 

Private lessons are available! 

                            Classes will be held at:
                            LWR Tae Kwon Do Academy
                            1829 Lakewood Ranch Blvd. 
                            Bradenton, Fl 34211 

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